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Each webinar is hosted and moderated by Sam Davis. The approximate length of each webinar is 50 minutes and includes a 10 minute Q&A for live attendees at the end. Each webinar also includes downloadable assets that are relevant to the topic.

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Part 1: The Power Supply (On Demand)
Fundamentals and characteristics of power supplies, which are an integral part of virtually all electronic systems. Electronic systems require dc power so power supplies accept an ac or dc input and regulate their dc output voltage that powers the associated electronic load.

Chapters Covered: Power Supply Fundamentals, Power Supply Characteristics, Power Supplies – Make or Buy?, Power Supply Packages, Power Management Regulatory Standards, Power Supply System Considerations — Preview Content

Part 2: Semiconductors (On Demand)
Power supply and power management ICs. They can range from voltage regulator ICs that are the “heart” of virtually all power supplies and ICs that manage various functions within a power electronic system.

Chapters Covered: Voltage Regulator ICs, Power Management ICs, Battery Power Management ICs — Preview Content

Part 3: Semiconductor Switches (On Demand)
Today, the majority of power MOSFET semiconductors employ silicon-based fabrication technologies. Starting about five years ago the power semiconductor industry trend has been to move to wide bandgap devices like GaN (gallium nitride) and SiC silicon carbide) that provide better performance and better thermal properties than their older silicon counterparts.

Chapters Covered: Silicon Power Management Power Semiconductors, Wide Bandgap Semiconductors — Preview Content

Part 4: Power Applications (On Demand)
This webinar covers existing and emerging technology power management applications. Example: Electronic Lighting - With an average lifespan of over 100,000 hours, LEDs last more than 10 times longer than any other light source. LEDs operate with a DC voltage so the incoming AC must be rectified and reduced to a low voltage for the LED driver.

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Chapters Covered: Wireless Power Transfer, Energy Harvesting, Circuit Protection Devices, Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Power Systems, Energy Storage, Electronic Lighting Systems, Motion System Power Management, Components and Methods for Current Measurement, Thermoelectric Generators, Fuel Cells, Power Management of Transportation Systems, Power Management Test and Measurement, Datacenter Power — Preview Content

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