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In the age of IoT, technical design requirements for the automotive industry require a unique set of engineering skills. The editors of Electronic Design have pulled together a collection of technical articles that serve as an introduction for today’s design engineers who work with applications and designs for the automotive industry.

This e-book looks at automotive design challenges related to today’s trends, such as infotainment and ADASs, and delves into how they are being conquered as well as the related tradeoffs. It also provides a baseline for how automakers like Ford plan to incorporate technology and pave the way to autonomous vehicles. For those wondering what place AI and machine learning will play in this process, we’ve provided a fundamental article on the types of machine learning.

What’s Inside

What’s the Difference Between Machine Learning Techniques?
BMW and Audi Want to Separate Vehicle Hardware from Software
Under the Hood of the EVs in the FIA Formula E Championship
Dual-Core SoC Utilizes FD-SOI for Low Power and High Performance
LED Drivers Expand Control of Automotive Lighting
Sneak Peek: Ford Shares Plan for the Automotive Technology Future

Enjoy this first overview of the myriad technologies revolutionizing the modern automobile and stay tuned for further offerings and coverage

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