Remote Wireless Power in IoT Designs

When it comes to IoT applications involving remote wireless power (and often extreme environments), it’s important to understand how the system’s behavior and sensor design will impact battery life. This guide gives developers insight into the design considerations, testing techniques, and design tradeoffs in performance for optimizing power usage, storage, and generation.

What's Inside

Advanced lithium batteries make the IIoT possible

Leverage Smart Test Techniques to Extend IoT Battery Life

Communicating Effectively from the IIoT Edge Node

Sensor Technologies Will Drive the Next Digital Age

Sleep, Sense, Connect: Low-Power IoT Design

11 Myths About Ruggedization and Testing to Enable IoT

Wireless Sensor Networks Monitor Active Volcanoes in Japan

Karen Field

Karen Field is the Executive Director, Content for Penton’s Internet of Things Institute, focused on Real World Solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, and IoT Developers. A mechanical engineer, she has focused much of her career on creating content for an engineering audience, both online and at live events.

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