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About Power Management

During his 18 years of experience in electrical engineering, Sam Davis has come across many questions regarding power design. These questions come from engineers across the globe that are searching for power; best practices, design, integration, and applications.

Sam has decided that the best way to answer these questions is to write a an in-depth techincal book about power mangament. Within the 25 chapters Sam covers everything from basic power supply design to application based discussions around wind and solar power.

You can download the book for free, buy the hard-back, and also sign up and attend the 4 different live web series events that he is hosting. For more information, view the 4 different sections of Power Management below.

Chapter 1: Power Supply Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Power Supply Characteristics
Chapter 3: Power Supplies – Make or Buy?
Chapter 4: Power Supply Packages
Chapter 5: Power Management Regulatory Standards
Chapter 6: Power Supply System Considerations
Web Series Part 1: 9/8/16 Register Now
Chapter 7: Voltage Regulator ICs
Chapter 8: Power Management ICs
Chapter 9: Battery Power Management ICs
Web Series Part 2: 10/26/16 Register Now
Chapter 10: Silicon Power Management Power Semiconductors
Chapter 11: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Web Series Part 3: 11/17/16 Register Now

Chapter 12: Wireless Power Transfer
Chapter 13: Energy Harvesting
Chapter 14: Circuit Protection Devices
Chapter 15: Photovoltaic Systems
Chapter 16: Wind Power Systems
Chapter 17: Energy Storage
And more..
Web Series Part 4: 12/1/16 Register Now

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